Heathers review

Heathers review

Heathers Review - Broadway musical

Probably everyone had a school love. At such times, it seems that no circumstances can separate the lovers, and feelings will last forever. Especially when things are not going well and it seems that the whole world is against you. Adolescence not in vain considered to be the most difficult age for any relationship, but also the most important for gaining socialization skills, generally defining the social role of the individual in the community. This story shows the true drama of teenage life in the school, an unfair division, according to the hierarchy and humiliation, through which the children have to undergo during this period.

Qualities of the most "coolest" ones ridiculed pretty tough, obvious dreams of rogue ones exhibited, about which they are always silent. Did someone ever, being unjustly humiliated by stronger, want to revenge with cruelty? Of course, did. This histrionics shows the consequences of such, opens all the madness, raging in a young and still fragile minds of teenagers. Character of Veronica Sawyer shows us the difficult road and a hard choice between right and wrong, pangs of conscience against the craving for revenge. Justice is turned inside out, turning this into the theater of the absurd, with which Veronica has to fight afterwards. And the hardest thing for her that this "justice" is the embodiment of her beloved, new boy, appeared in the school recently.

The duo made of B. W. Weed & R. McCartan looks very sensual and heartfelt. At some point, it begins to seem that they do not play, but live their lives on stage, which is captivating. Their voices sound harmoniously worked out, ideally revealing the characters in the songs. The musical is very bright and lively, this production is very successful attempt to revive and to put on music the old story, shown on television in 1988. The main thing is that this subject does not cease to be relevant over the years. Yes, it is really fascinating, thrilling and boils the blood – all the items of true interest are present here. Of course, many will love this spectacle.
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