Did Helvetica Actually Exist? lyrics - Gutenberg! The Musical!

Did Helvetica Actually Exist? lyrics

Did Helvetica Actually Exist?

[DOUG, spoken]

[BUD, spoken]
Always a very emotional moment for me

[DOUG, spoken]
Now, you’re probably sitting there and wondering to yourself
“Did?Helvetica?actually exist?”

[BUD, spoken]
Hmm... probably

[DOUG, spoken]
History?tells us that, in olden times
There?were a lot of poor wenches
So chances are, if Helvetica did exist
Gutenberg probably knew her

[BUD, spoken]
Also, her name is a font

[DOUG, spoken]
But now it’s time to meet...
The bad guys!

[BUD, spoken]
Watch out!
Last Update: October, 02nd 2023

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