Gutenberg! The Musical! synopsis

Gutenberg! The Musical! Synopsis - Broadway musical

Founders of the musical about the legendary German first printer of the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg, the D. Simon & B. Davenport duet dream to achieve the staging of their work on Broadway. Full of hopes and illusions, they have neither a cast, nor musical performers and play all the roles by themselves. They carry headdresses with the names of heroes written on them and periodically change them, showing thus different characters. That is also a using of a minimum of scenery, like a chair, pencils, and couple of other subjects in their show.

Without especial using of any information sources, besides Internet inquiries, "researchers" come to a conclusion that information on life of the inventor hasn't been enough, they use historical fiction as a source for collecting material.

In their eccentric theatrical, Gutenberg lives in the strange German town, happy and bright, excepting the moment that streets are terribly polluted there, the atmosphere is depressive, and he is the only person who is able to read. For one night, the main character turns the wine press in printing, inspired by the idea to relieve citizens of their nonsense and ignorance. He is helped by charming, but not great-minded girl, named Helvetica, however, he doesn't suspect about her feelings. The same way there is also a hero antagonist, the angry monk by the name of Monk, who is against rescue of citizens from ignorance; after all, he is the henchman of a devil and thus controls other people so that they won't read sacred books. He tries to destroy the press.

The absurd show-in-show parodies different theatrical tricks, including loud opening of performance, emotional songs, the strange ballad about rolls, and all something like that. The creators of this funny and uncommon show with its atmosphere and optimism can reckon for something more, than empty dreams about popularity and success.
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