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A Giant Tree...Of Goodness lyrics

A Giant Tree...Of Goodness

[BUD, spoken]
Young Monk enters the boot plaque’s shop

[DOUG (as Young Monk), spoken]
Dangle dangle dangle

[BUD (as Boot Plaque), spoken]
Young Monk!
Why are you crying?!

[DOUG (as Young Monk), spoken]
Monk is an?abuser!

[BUD (as Boot Plaque), spoken]
Then?why do you?stay with him?

[DOUG (as Young Monk), spoken]
I think I can?change him

[BUD (as Boot Plaque), spoken]
Young Monk, we boot plaques have a saying:
If you’re in a bad situation...
Get out of it

[DOUG (as Young Monk), spoken]
Thanks, boot plaque
But I can’t help but see a bit of good in him
He’s like a tiny seedling...
That just needs the water...
Of me...
And that with a little bit of luck...
That me water...
Will help him grow...
Into a giant tree... of goodness
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