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Gutenberg! The Musical! Lyrics

  1. ACT 1
  2. Prologue/Schlimmer Prologue/Schlimmer Video  add
  3. I Can't Read   add
  4. Haunted German Wood   add
  5. The Press Song   add
  6. I Can't Read (Reprise)   add
  7. Biscuits   add
  8. What's The Word?   add
  9. Stop The Press   add
  10. Tomorrow Is Tonight   add
  11. ACT 2
  12. Second Prologue   add
  13. Words, Words, Words   add
  14. Monk With Me Monk With Me Video  add
  15. Might As Well (Go To Hell) Might As Well (Go To Hell) Video  add
  16. Festival!   add
  17. Finale   add

Initial version of theatrical consisted of only 1 act. The play of Sc. Brown and Ant. King became base for the show. The theatrical opened in 2005. It took place in New York's U. C. Brigade Theatre under direction of Charlie Todd. A year after in the British Jermyn Street Theatre the full version of show prolonged for one more act took place. Creators also participated in the stage, and M. Roulston was engaged in a musical component.

Same year the play under direction of Dave Mowers in leading roles with C. Fitzgerald and J. Shamos was sent to Musical Theatre Festival in New York. The play got awards in two nominations. The same actors played eccentric dreamers in Off-Broadway production of 2006, staged by Alex Timbers, which moved at the Actor's Playhouse where it ran for half a year. Main roles were acted by D. Turner & D. Goldstein, the musical was nominated for a set of awards, including the best musical and the best director, but didn’t win.

A year later with the direction of J. Rapier a first large-scale show opened in Salt Lake City. He was helped by the choreographer Colleen Lewis and the musical author Jeffrey Price. The main characters were played by J. Perry and K. Bateman. Show has received enthusiastic comments of critics and by multiple inquiries was restored four years later.

The musical debuted in the Sydney Seymour Centre in 2009. Same year the first site for fans of the great inventor, with opportunity to watch revisions of show over all the country was created. Six years later show debuted at the Parisian theater.
Release date: 2009
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