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Strike! lyrics


When you start negotiations
With integrity and patience
And they just cry ?battle stations!?
What?s to like?
When you ask a small amount and
Then encounter counter?s counter
And the deal is tantamount to
?Take a hike?
You can?t sit around with your head in the sand
You pull it out, you stand up and
You strike

When you hear their lawyers talking
Saying our behavior?s shocking
It?s convincing as a cockney
Dick van dyke
When they leave the town unstable
Then they come back to the table
And say ?now we should able ?
Kidding! Psych!?
We ask them for bread and get ?let them eat cake?
They figure a stomach ache will break
The strike

So strike
For all the writers
For a living wage
Until these wrongs are righted
We won?t write another page

Wipe off that smile ? The style is bile
And rage is all the rage

As the fall turns into winter
There appears a bunch of splinter
Groups who wonder what this inter-
Net is like
While the tide is turning tepid
And the town is feeling trepid-
Atious time for us to step up
To the mic
We?ve got all these dynamite plots to use
It?s time to light the fuse or lose
The strike

And lose we did

Slunk back to our offices
Declaring victory
If you need your residual
Why did you all agree

I?m proud i walked the line
With writers, fans and friends of mine
But now i ask what was it finally about
And years from now i?ll tell my tyke
Just what it feels like to strike

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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