Commentary, The Musical synopsis

Commentary, The Musical Synopsis - Broadway musical

Taking off his video blog, Dr. Horrible (Billy) mentions the name of the girl Penny, with whom he is secretly in love with and to which he does not dare to speak.

Suddenly his buddy named Wet comes to him, bringing the mail. Among other news, noteworthy one is from the leader of the Evil League of Evil, a part of which Billy wants to become. It is stated that in order to join the League, it is necessary to make a test criminal act. Dr. Horrible as the "entrance" offense selects to steal the wonderflonium and he succeed in it. As a result, Penny strikes up into relationship with Captain Hammer.

Billy surreptitiously watches after meetings of his beloved. She wants to bring to the world something good, nice, but not Captain Hammer. Meanwhile, Billy and Penny begin to be friends.

Billy records a video message to the blog mentioned that he have assembled Freeze Ray and intends to use it tomorrow. But the plan did not come true because the police found out about the planned. Billy is told that a failed crime can be replaced only with murder. Billy is at crossroads: he does not want to kill anybody, but also wants to become a member of the Evil League of Evil.

Dr. Horrible shares his situation with Penny, without mentioning details, telling her that he is looking for work. Penny and he listen to each other and try to help with advice. Penny realizes that she is already in a relationship with the Captain. And the arrival of the latter at the wrong time, broke the plans of Billy. Penny introduces men to each other, Captain Hammer pretends not to recognize Dr. Horrible. In a private conversation, he tells Billy that uses Penny for his own purposes, just to annoy the opponent. Billy bristles and decides to kill the Captain.

Residents of the City of Angels sing a song "Say" and discuss about the opening of refugee camp for the homeless, initiated by Captain Hammer. On the opening ceremony, Captain boasts with his own merits and connection with his beloved. The girl doesn’t like such behavior of the Captain and she wants to leave the ceremony, but the Dr. Horrible comes and "freezes" his opponent with his invention – a sword-ray. He tells to audience that they are blind and don’t see the real intentions of Captain Hammer. She recognizes her friend in Dr. Horrible.

Billy could not take the life of Captain Hammer. Suddenly gun is damaged and Captain Hammer, driven by an anger, hitting an opponent. The weapon goes to his hands & he is going to use the Freeze Ray against Billy. Suddenly there is an explosion, but the men are mostly safe. The captain runs out of the hall of ceremonies. Billy sees that the pieces of the explosion have seriously injured Penny.

Penny dies from the injuries, Billy becomes a member of the Evil League of Evil, taking much of glory. However, Billy is not happy with his new enforcement and power, so he performs the song Everything You Ever, which states that he feels nothing. The moral of the musical is simple: do not make evil.
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