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Steve's Song lyrics

Steve's Song

I`m still a bit suspicious why they asked me to be in this
And, yes, my best guess is my s`s
My friends would never consciously
Exploit somebody`s weakness
They say my voice possesses a sweetness
Jed texted me, said `commentary`s coming,
Steve would you please grace us with a song`
I heard the dulcet tones his hands were strumming
I knew it`s not this lisp
It`s been my talents all along

Steve`s song
A showcase of my skills
Steve`s song
Alive are these hills
With steve`s song
Steve`s song
Yes yes yes yes

Maurissa scoffed at my suggestion -
Hammer needs a few more sweaters
I still think six vests sounds much better
But now i`m super nervous
Since i`m standing in the studio
Like phil collins singing sussudio

And yes on the horizon there`s a sequel
With some substantial bits for mister me
It`s evidence they see me as an equal
I`m not groupie number seventy six thousand
Six hundred and six point seven six two three five niner squared - i`m three

Steve`s song
A maestro on the rise
Steve`s song
A nice pleasant surprise
Is steve`s song
Steve`s song
Steve`s song
Steve`s song
Steve`s song
Steve`s song
Yes yes yes!


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