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Neil's Turn lyrics

Neil's Turn

Have they all gone?
Yes! It`s neil`s turn
No more writers to whine
Now the whole show is mine

No more nathan
With his bean dip
Say goodnight, frankenstein
`Cause it`s my turn to shine

I can do all of their jobs
I can just play with these knobs
And i`ll sound fine

It`s a one-man
Like hal holbrook
Like that showcase for liza
It`s `neil with an i`

Hey felicia
You were great, kid
But you just had to die
`Cause there`s no `team` In `i`

I`ll sing my own harmonies
I`ll go as low as i please
Or i`ll go high

Welcome everybody to my commentary
I`ve got so much talent it`s a little scary
Is my every random thought insightful ` Very
Not just entertaining; i`m a luminary

I`ll charm the chicks
Are those things real` Ha!
Do magic tricks
Was it the three of clubs` Ho!
Lay down some tap
And i can rap

My name is neil and i`m here to say

No i can`t rap
That was painful
Let`s move on to the part
Where i talk about art

Look at that shot
We used cameras
There`s a boom guy in frame
He was great ` What`s his name`

What was his name`
What should i say`
The choices are endless
And here i am at last, alone, and friendless
No i`m not friendless
I`ve got some friends
They`ll be here when this ends
If this ends
What do i say
What does this switch do ` It turns out the lights
Now it`s dark and i`m lost and alone
And what`s with all these chords`
What`s with all these weird chords`
Somebody help
Somebody say cut
Somebody say action
Somebody say something
I`m so afraid
Somebody say cut
I`m so alone

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