Commentary, The Musical review

Commentary, The Musical Review - Broadway musical

Low-budget film that allowed two young actors who are now successfully shot in the serial movies to practice their acting talent (Neil Patrick Harris, which for all of us known best for the role of very photogenic bro from How I Meat Your Mother and Simon Helberg, which we know from the mega-popular TV series about geek-scientists, The Big Bang Theory). By the way, the young Neil and Johnny Galecki also knew each other. And now, two of his friends, Simon Helberg and Johnny Galecki, work together for a long time in a single production.

Youth musical, which is called in the final version as Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (being so named for the rentals), is no different neither with something fantastic, or in terms of performance, nor in plot or the general content. It displays rather moderate amplitude of emotions, as if the actors were working on 70%, if not less. Listen to the video Heart, Broken, that is attached here in the "Video" section and compare, for example, The Music Of The Night, that masterfully was done by Michael Crawford (simple search on YouTube brings you the desired result) – and you'll understand the difference in the investing of efforts that make the different actors.

The production was so low-budget that all the profits that were raised from the running of one on DVD and iTunes (and so on), were divided between the creative team and actors who weren’t paid during the shooting. Joss Whedon, who directed it (known to us for such very popular TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, film The Cabin In The Woods, and who also works on realization of Marvel comics), did not have the money from producers and attracted actors to the project only with own loud name, so they signed up to work for a percentage of sales. But, he said that the project has brought a total of USD 3 million, which allowed fully pay all bills and he called it "commercially successful".

The project has multiple awards. Among them: Streamy Award in 2009, Audience Choice Awards (with which the best TV broadcasts in the web awarded) in the categories Best Male Actor (of course, this is for main handsome buddy, Neil Patrick Harris – who would doubt it). Best Directing and Best Writing – went to one person, Joss Whedon, performing here both of these works. Hugo Award was received in the category Best Dramatic Presentation, and the Best Internet Phenomenon Award – in a category Primetime Creative Arts. Among other awards, it has an Outstanding Special Class. It has a little less nominations. For example, in 2008 the musical was granted with Constellation Awards in two categories, but won neither.

Critics generally noted that the main two people who should be praised for this work – Neil Patrick Harris and Joss Whedon, on whose shoulders this work relied and was able to obtain a commercial profit. Neil, moreover, had previously played in the theater, including musicals. So he has all the vocal parts better than any other actors in this musical. His voice is recognizable almost immediately, thanks to the wait for it, wait for it... charisma of the brow.
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