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When Love Arrives lyrics

When Love Arrives

But the point of all this, let's face it, is that it's not what Gussie says, surely.
It's what he feels. I mean, love's a funny thing. It doesn't always look quite the same.
It varies from person to person, if you follow. I mean, with Budge it's a brisk covering in jam,
but with Gussie, it's more subtle - more oblique - like - steamed fish - it creeps up on you...
When love arrives, it's hard to tell
He doesn't ring the front door bell
He doesn't wait politely in the hall
Or leave his card
He doesn't wait to wipe his feet
In fact he's not at all discreet
He doesn't phone to warn you he will call and means to stay
He may not come when you're expecting him to visit -
But if he does, make sure he finds you home
Surrender now, for what's the use?
And wave that friendly flag of truce
Just rush right out to greet him
Don't hesitate at all, dear
You'll bless the day that love rings your bell

Ding! Ding!


Who's there?

It's love

Come in

Kiss, kiss


So close your eyes and lend an ear
For I suspect he's somewhere near
And that it's you that he has come to find

Oh Bertie, dear...

So let him hold you tight and snug -

Like kittens cuddled in a rug?

Well, that's the sort of thing I had in mind...

Oh look, my dear!
Each dandelion clock is very softly chiming
To tell the flowers it's time to go to bed

What's that she said?

I know this night can't be in vain
The stars shine in God's daisy chain
And even Mr. Moon's begun to snore...

Good grief, no more...
Look, softly now, just close your eyes -

And will I get a big surprise?

What else d'you think I'm doing all this for
You lovely thing, you?
Just wait right there till love himself arrives
Wait there...stay there...right there...don't move...stay put...
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