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  19. I Answer the Call of the Code 
  20. Half a Moment
  21. I Risk My Neck to Save the Bacon 
  22. It's a Pig!
  23. A Satisfactory Outcome 
  24. Banjo Boy
  25. Wizard Rainbow Banjo Mix 

Travel Hopefully, Pt. 2 lyrics

Travel Hopefully, Pt. 2

Sounds sweet

Goes like a bird. Hold on to your hat.

Hey, this is more like it...

My philosophy's to travel hopefully
And making each day that I survive
An opportunity to share the company
That welcomes me when I arrive

Travel hopefully with me
Let all your thoughts run free

We can't have come this far...

What's that?


Till with any luck you'll feel
Your inner voice reveal

Just where the hell we are

Hopeful travellers me and you
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