By Jeeves synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Some Introductory Chat
  2. The Code of the Woosters
  3. Wooster Will Entertain You Wooster Will Entertain You Video
  4. The Plot Thickens
  5. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 1
  6. A Curious Hedgehog Incident 
  7. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 2
  8. In Which My Character Is Tested 
  9. That Was Nearly Us
  10. Days of Jam and Mazes 
  11. Love's Maze
  12. Wooster Thinks on His Feet 
  13. The Hallo Song
  14. An Identity Crisis (Or Two) 
  15. By Jeeves
  16. Wooster Nobly Intercedes 
  17. When Love Arrives
  18. What Have You Got to Say, Jeeves?
  19. I Answer the Call of the Code 
  20. Half a Moment
  21. I Risk My Neck to Save the Bacon 
  22. It's a Pig!
  23. A Satisfactory Outcome 
  24. Banjo Boy
  25. Wizard Rainbow Banjo Mix 

By Jeeves synopsis

By Jeeves Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical is filled with a thin (one might even say – the thinnest) English humor (funny only to the British, if to express it in a few words), telling of the adventures of a nobleman – the actor who amuse the audience with his stories. Originally, he plays the banjo, but after it has broken, he sends his servant after the strings, who is named Jeeves and who tipped him to tell the stories that he starts to do.

Jeeves is far more clever and intelligent man than his master – actor, Bertie Wooster. The latter is narrow-minded and easy-going, wasting his family's money rather carelessly and everything in him that is charming – he is talkative and has manners. Bertie tells the audience about his adventures in the highest circles of British society, and how they were tightened and ended. For example, one of his stories is that he twirled an affair with a very blunt representative of high society, which has led to the fact that he has been took for the other person and it has been linked to many adventures.

Toward the end of the show, the main character is dressed in something akin to Elvis and arranges clumsy parody of him. Then his musical instrument, banjo, is found with a full set of strings, and he plays on it, while all are dressed as fairy tale characters from Wizard of Oz.
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