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Album lyrics:
  1. Some Introductory Chat
  2. The Code of the Woosters
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  4. The Plot Thickens
  5. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 1
  6. A Curious Hedgehog Incident 
  7. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 2
  8. In Which My Character Is Tested 
  9. That Was Nearly Us
  10. Days of Jam and Mazes 
  11. Love's Maze
  12. Wooster Thinks on His Feet 
  13. The Hallo Song
  14. An Identity Crisis (Or Two) 
  15. By Jeeves
  16. Wooster Nobly Intercedes 
  17. When Love Arrives
  18. What Have You Got to Say, Jeeves?
  19. I Answer the Call of the Code 
  20. Half a Moment
  21. I Risk My Neck to Save the Bacon 
  22. It's a Pig!
  23. A Satisfactory Outcome 
  24. Banjo Boy
  25. Wizard Rainbow Banjo Mix 

The Code of the Woosters lyrics

The Code of the Woosters

I obey the Code of the Woosters. It's a simple philosophy.
When perhaps a chap's in trouble. I respond with alacrity.
And if my fellow men have problems
Whatever they might be
They call on me
The sterling Wooster B.
For despite
This easy nature
Come the evening
When battle dawns
To see a Wooster
Grab the livestock by both the horns
For when a Wooster's mask of pleasure
Becomes a steely stare
You'll know he's there
He'll never turn a hair
What would a chap do without it?
How would he get through without it?
How could he stay true wihtout the Code of the Woosters?
If you're at sea, I shall be there, even put off tea to be there
Woosters have swum oceans for the Code of
Allegiance duly owed to the Wooster Code
What a load
If a girl
Is in the doldrums
Not a paddle
To her name
I'll be there
Though frankly speaking
Womanizing's not my game
But if she's really in a lather
Wild eyed and hat askew
He'll see her through
Old you know who...
Whenever it calls, can't ignore it, even give up Ascot for it
Woosters have died gladly for the code of
For that rugged, heavy load called the Wooster Code
What a load
Take my card
In case you need me, if you're jousting a losing cause
Like the chap
Who wins the double
I can rattle
The natural laws
So if you're eaten up with anguish
I'll snatch you from its jaws
No second's pause
From one sincerely yours...
It's alright!
He's on call both day and night
Turning darkness into light
Ubique illuminatus
Wooster is ready to fight!
Wooster is ready to fight!
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