By Jeeves review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Some Introductory Chat
  2. The Code of the Woosters
  3. Wooster Will Entertain You Wooster Will Entertain You Video
  4. The Plot Thickens
  5. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 1
  6. A Curious Hedgehog Incident 
  7. Travel Hopefully, Pt. 2
  8. In Which My Character Is Tested 
  9. That Was Nearly Us
  10. Days of Jam and Mazes 
  11. Love's Maze
  12. Wooster Thinks on His Feet 
  13. The Hallo Song
  14. An Identity Crisis (Or Two) 
  15. By Jeeves
  16. Wooster Nobly Intercedes 
  17. When Love Arrives
  18. What Have You Got to Say, Jeeves?
  19. I Answer the Call of the Code 
  20. Half a Moment
  21. I Risk My Neck to Save the Bacon 
  22. It's a Pig!
  23. A Satisfactory Outcome 
  24. Banjo Boy
  25. Wizard Rainbow Banjo Mix 

By Jeeves review

By Jeeves Review - Broadway musical

1996 is a year of presentation of a musical. The prefix «By» in the name of the musical has been added so that it was not associated with anything more – not film, stories about the resourceful butler, not with any show that uses this character. People are strange – in the show they sit and laugh, going out they say that the musical is weak and un-researched. How do we know about one another? Very simply – the musical lasted only 38 plays, which indicates a negative reaction. But in the hall all laugh at jokes and generally are in a good mood – this is clearly evident from the video files that are attached here on the website in the "Video" section.

Lloyd Webber has created a pretty good music. It is always different, for which he gained loud popularity. But everything else… how to put it softer. In the style of British humor from high society. In general, the average American will not understand about 80% of those jokes.

The musical tells the story about a young man from high society, who spends his time rather nonchalantly. All work instead carries by and all rough edges are smoothed by his servant – a shrewd and intelligent man who ate a dog in the lifestyle and customs. He gets his master out of many situations, such as the simultaneous flirting with three young ladies, who were ready to learn about each other, but that did not happen, thanks to his gifted valet. You know, every nation has its heroes who are wise and deal with different situations. In Turkmenistan, for example, it is Yarty-gulok (Tom Thumb). Russians have Ivan. Ukrainians have a resourceful Svyryd Opanasovych. Their number is bigger than you think. For example, the film "The Pink Panther" also shows the hero – not very smart, but deciding a certain range of problems through humor and laxity. Such large and small heroes are hundreds if not thousands. Jeeves was one of them – with a sly squint, elegant and knowing when to say strong language, and when to show own well train to cater all others, first of all, his master.

This musical visited Broadway, which had been reworked several times, rewritten and supplemented, because its creators could not accept its first failure and the musical had more potential than it was able to show at first. Good comedy, greatly reduced in time from simply impermissible giant 4:45, during which some viewers might banally want to visit the toilet, because they could not wait to the end of the play. Several nominations for the Olivier Award and a Theatre World Award, along with other no less spectacular awards and nominations, which are now input in the arsenal of this musical, are indicators of the quality, comparing with the first release.
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