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To Have And To Hold lyrics

To Have And To Hold

To have and to hold. Faithfully.
To honour and love. Devotedly.
Wilt thou take this man?

Yes i will.
For better or worse. Constantly.
In sickness and health. Unfailingly.
Wilt thou take this girl?

Yes i will.

I pledge my soul to you. I give you my heart.
There by your side until death do us part.

To honour and love. Constantly.
'Til death do them part. Devotedly.
Yes from this wedding day forth
Joined by god.

To be by your side. Faithfully.
Forsaking all others. Willingly.
With my body i thee worship.
And with this ring i thee wed.
To have and to hold. Fervently.
To honour and love. Unendingly.
Wilt thou take this man/girl?
Yes i will.

And wilt thou take this man
For better and for worse?

And wilt thou take this girl
In sickness and in health?

And wilt thou take this heart?

God we hope they've made the right decision.
Will their fate be forty years of strife?
Is this union headed for division?
No! It's the happiest day of their life!

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