Beautiful Game, The review

Beautiful Game, The Review - Broadway musical

Quite an interesting story from the perspective of the viewer from the UK – first, because of football. The game, which popularized throughout the world, starting from the UK. The game of many people and many money, game that unites even political opponents. Secondly, because there is a love story in the musical, but we have to admit, it is very flat and expected – the coolest boy in the local football team dates a girl from cheerleaders. Thirdly – and this is the strongest storyline – in a variety of negative colors told how terrible Irish Republican Army is. These are the people that inspired by the same idea – that beautiful and long-suffering Ireland must regaine its freedom and independence from their oppressors – England, whose troops had once conquered the fertile Irish lands, killed many and enslaved others under their yoke, out of which they cannot escape for many centuries. Just like the Scots, the people of the mountains, proud and independent. Beautiful and free, no matter that their enslaved by the same breed of invaders, who were more aggressive, angry, and surpassed with number. And now, thanks to the efforts of England, IRA officially considered as a terrorist organization. And for what? That they are fighting for their freedom, for their self-determination, for their country and the constitution! Yes, not all the methods they use are acceptable – but how to do else, when England – big neighbor – does not sit down on a civilized negotiation table? In the wake of this strong story line – as on the rod, spins musical, which is quite different seen in England and Ireland (as well as in Scotland, who are familiar with the topic). The first thought that the IRA are the dregs that have no place on the Earth's surface, while the latter believe that IRA are nice fellows, enthusiastically going to watch this musical. Only to be disappointed – IRA is displayed here from the point of view of the policy of Britain, and not the Irish.

What is remarkable the viewer sees, besides the ideas of independence? Corny love story that is covered with dust – a boy meets a girl, falls in love, get married and they having a child who goes on the sports after his father's footsteps. In parallel, we see how a career of chief male protagonist develops – while his wife is like nobody – cheerleader, remained no one – abandoned by him without a job and with baby on the neck. Abandoned because her husband went to London to fight for the ideals of his new world – on the side of IRA.

Musical is categorically cheerless and completely predictable, despite the fact that it was working-through by a master, Andrew Lloyd Webber, who always puts its stamp of quality on everything he touches. As far as we can judge by the critic’s opinions – music of the show is fantastically good. Everything else, including the hideously elaborated main storyline – as the protagonist imbued with beliefs of IRA – you can endlessly criticize.
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