Beautiful Game, The synopsis

Beautiful Game, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Sooner or later, there had to be a musical about the game of millions (if not billions) – football, which is soccer. And things are revolving in it around the young guys – one is the leader of the local football team and a teenage girl dancing in a support group. The beginning is pretty standard for American schools, where the main macho – the leader of the school – meets the girl of those who constantly accompany his games.

Initially unsure of own feelings, after a while they are firmly stuck onto each other. His team goes to the finals, but their locker room was smashed by the envious, and John with his girlfriend Mary witness this. Then the same gang that made a shatter, killing one of the team's friends of John – Ginger – which has not even been 18 years. All are shocked by what had happened and go to the funeral.

After John & Mary were married and gave each other vows, they are alone in a room for newlyweds and nervous, although overcome it successfully. John becomes a greater footballer, but some of his friends are starting to leave the city, heading New York, away from insecurity, which is caused in the city by the gang of thugs that killed his friend Ginger. Mary says farewell to her friends Del & Christine, while going on a game of her newfound spouse. This couple’s future is very bright on the horizon, because the coach is calling him to London, but at the same time, John is taken to jail on suspicion of the commission of unlawful acts, because he helped the other day his friend in some criminal action. By the way, Mary tells John about her pregnancy.

After John gets out of prison, he discovers the one who handed him to the police, and because now after prison, he is with nationalist thoughts from IRA that completely changed him, making him a different person, he kills an informer, giving more rise to new cycle of violence. Then he went to London to work on the Irish Republican Army, leaving the attributes of his football past to his son. After he grown up, Mary gives a kid to football, hoping that the cycle of violence will eventually break.
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