Off To The Party lyrics - Beautiful Game, The

Off To The Party lyrics

Off To The Party

The lads
Let's get legless.
Let's get hammered.
Let's get rat faced.
Let's get arseholed.

We're just totally great. There is no debate. I'm telling you mate.
We're the business.
We are simply superb. Haven't you heard? Divinely preferred.
God's our witness.
We are stunningly skilled. Testosterone filled. We went out and killed.
We're fantasmic.
We're a magical team. We play like a dream. We're clearly the cream.
We're orgasmic.

Let's get roaring punch drunk,
Fighting, dancing, puke drunk,
Hurling, belching, blind drunk,

So drunk it's obscene.
Comatosely dead drunk,
Unconscious on the floor drunk,
An arseholed and hammered and totally shitfaced team!

Violently ill drunk,
Stretched out in the street drunk,
Need a stomach pump drunk,
Drunk as fifty men.
Utterly insane drunk,
Pickling your brain drunk,
And when we recover, get bloody drunk again!

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