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The Beautiful Game lyrics

The Beautiful Game

Measure your life in football seasons
Feel the passion and feel the heat.
Football is the only reason
God almighty gave us feet.


Buy the ref a flipping guide dog!
D'you call that a bleeding pass?
Kick it out mate! What a ball hog!
Dozy wanker shift your arse!

Two nil!

You dirty bastard.
We'll have the last word.

Come and have a go.
Have some of that.
You think you're hard but we know you're crap.

Let's have another.
Just like the other.

Come on!

Viva. The beautiful game.
Raise your voice for the people's sport.
Long live the bountiful game.
Those who play. Those who support.

Sick as a parrot.
Over the moon.

A couple more for

A wonderful game.
A magical game.
Thank god for football.

They're our lads and we support 'em.
Come on then stick one in this time.

It isn't a religion it's more important.
Sacred holy and divine.

Three nil!

Nice one united
We're all delighted.

No joy tonight, forget it again,
My boyfriend's in love with eleven men.

All sing together,
Comrades forever.

Up yours!

Viva. The beautiful game.
It's what saturdays are for.
Ooh ah. The triumph and pain.
Work to live but live to score

We're on our way now
To wemberly.

For the cup it's

The classical game
The marvellous game.
Thank god for football.

It's an obsession the reason we're here,
'Cos it's better than sex and it's better than
Beer so

Viva! The emerald team!
Mother mary's irish sons.
Viva! The boys in green!
Shout for ireland's youngest guns

Green is the colour
Soccer the game.

A thousand more for

The boys in green.
The emerald team;

Playing for ireland, playing for ireland!


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