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Dead Zone lyrics

Dead Zone

Help me please. I'm on my knees. I'm dying by degrees.
Too much pain. I'll go insane. I want my chance again.

I have to go on.
Screw up my courage and hold on
To my belief

I have a future.
I have a wife and i love her.
She shares my grief

Prison will not break my heart. I'll stand apart from this.
I'll remember that i'm loved.
I won't be shoved into that dark abyss.

You're in the dead zone. You're utterly alone.
Get your allegiances sorted.
This is the end zone. No seeds of hope are sewn.
Previous friendships aborted.
Now that you're inside boy. There's nowhere to hide boy.
You could hang yourself, we can find a rope.
Inside the gate love will turn to hate.
You will weep. While you sleep. Then you'll learn to cope.
But without hope.
We are your friends and we're all convicted men.
Think you can stand apart? Think again.
We're all you've got, now that you've been left to rot.

You're in the death zone. Satan sits on his throne.
Even the strongest are frightened.
This is the dark zone. We see in monochrome.
Nothing is good or enlightened.
Happiness is ended. All hope is suspended.
We are the damned, we are all despised.
But this prison has a key. And it's loyalty.
You can trust all of us, when they beat you down we'll be around.
It's all too late, you are looking at your fate.
This is the place you learn to hate.
Hate to survive. If you hate you'll stay alive.

Anger is learned when free men are interned.
It isn't a choice or decision.
You started to hate when you walked through the gate,
From the moment you entered this prison.
It's a pitiful sight, men deprived of their rights,
You must maintain your rage and your fury.
Revenge is your aim you must murder and maim,
Be your enemy's judge and his jury.

You're in the death zone. Satan sits on the throne.
Even the strongest are frightened.

Line up you bastards!

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