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Clean The Kit lyrics

Clean The Kit

Soon i'm gonna be a man,
Be a player not a fan,
'Cos that's all i've ever wanted since my life began.

Gonna be a soccer star,
Maybe drive a fancy car,
Build a mansion in the country for my ma and pa.

Gotta clean the kit!
I'm so sick of it!

Each day i have to go to school,
Have to try to keep my cool,
While i study for exams on how to be a fool.

It's no wonder i'm annoyed,
'Cos the state is overjoyed,
Just to teach a poor boy how to join the unemployed.

I'm so sick of it,
School and cleaning kit.

One day i won't have to take it.
'Cos i know i'm gonna make it.
All i need's a chance and i'll be on my way.
Only fools obey the rules,
They work all day like stupid mules,
I'm busting out of here i'll do it one fine day.

I ain't eating shit.
Cleaning peoples' kit.

Thomas and cronies
You're not fit to wear our kit you bastard orange proddy git.
We'll tear it off your back and stuff it down your throat.
Take our advice or pay the price,
We certainly won't warn you twice.
The tide has turned and soon we'll be the ones to gloat.

You're a sodding brit.
Wearing irish kit.

So you're gonna be the man
Not a stupid also ran.
Well i've heard a lot of talk about your master plan.
I don't think you'll be a star,
You ain't gonna go that far.
You're all talk and sod all action, you're all blah blah blah.
Come to terms with it.
Born to clean the kit.

Your life's a farce, get off your arse,
Take my advice get back in class,
Or hang around and moan and groan your life away.
'Cos every hunk ends up a drunk,
Just killing time his prospects sunk,
Still claiming that he's gonna bust out one fine day.

If the cap'll fit,
You'll be wearing it.
Stuck here cleaning kit.

Have no fear, the time is near,
This boy is busting out of here.
I'll be burning brightly once the flame is lit.
I'll make my mark, light up the dark,
Explosions start with just one spark.
And then another lad will have to clean my kit.

I'm so sick of it.
School and cleaning kit.

You're so full of it.

But one day i'm not gonna take it!

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