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Hold Me, Bat Boy (Reprise) lyrics

Hold Me, Bat Boy (Reprise)

SHELLEY: In a cave many miles to the south
Lived a boy born with fangs in his mouth.
He never knew what he was worth.
I could not stop his fall.
But in his precious hours on Earth, he taught us all.

MAGGIE: Love your neighbor,
RICK: Forgive,
INSTITUTE MAN: Keep your vows.

BUD AND NED: And a mountain's no place to raise cows.

SHERIFF: Revenge is something God forbids,
BUD: To scapegoat folk's is wrong,
MRS.TAYLOR'S KIDS: And don't kill Mrs.Taylor's kids.

MEREDITH: Let go the fears to which you cling,
ADD DR.PARKER: And through your tears you'll hear him sing,
ADD SHELLEY: Lift up your ears and join his song!

ADD TOWNFOLK: And join his song! And join his song!
And join his song!

ALL: Aaaaah!
Hold your Bat Boy, Touch your Bat Boy
No more need to hide!
Know your Bat Boy, Love your Bat Boy
Don't deny your beast inside!
Ah, ah- Aaaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaah!
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