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Apology To A Cow lyrics

Apology To A Cow

BAT BOY: I'm sorry, friend, I have to.
I know, I know, it's rude
I shouldn't work my problems out with food.
I'm sorry pal, I've got to.
It's either me or you. Fight or be beaten!
Eat or be eaten! Look what it makes me do.
It's stronger than it was and this is what the bat child does.

Deep in the cave under miles of stone, I knew no word for sad.
Singing to echoes and all alone, needed no mom or dad.
I'd never dreamed of the world above; I'd never seen the sky.
And yet I was content; I never wondered why.

I never knew such a word as rage. I learned that from you.
You locked your boy up inside a cage, and all the while you knew.
Why bother giving me dad's old shirt, why even intervene?
Why bother washing off all the dirt, if I am still unclean?
You said you'd never hurt me, mom, whatever might occur!
So: How could you dare, mom,
Make me "aware", mom,
Teach me to care, mom,
and then deny me her!

We had a chance at happiness, blissfully unaware...
We had a love we thought you'd bless, we didn't have a prayer.
'Cause you had to come destroy our love
Like everything else I had!
Yet still I am content and I am not the least bit mad...
No, I'm not here to harm you; I only want to KILL!

You shall have your monster- I shall drink my fill!
At last I am embracing my bloody destiny!
Dear mom and dad, this face will be
The last thing that you ever see!
Revenge will be a home for me
For me
For me
For ME!

FINALE: I Imagine You're Upset/I Am Not A Boy

TOWNSFOLK: Adlibs and gestures. "Kill the freak!"

BAT BOY: How could you tell me I was human, when you knew me to be a beast?

MEREDITH: Look inside yourself, Edgar. You'll see a soul. Does a beast have a soul?

BAT BOY: A soul? Is that what you call it,
that empty pit, that wound where my heart should be?
You dug this hole in me bit by bit, nothing is left of me!
Give me one reason why I should live.
See, you have no reply.
The world is man or beast, but I am both or neither.
So goodbye!

SHERIFF: I'm sorry, Edgar, really am.
Sorry to hear your life's a sham.
Still, it doesn't have to end this way!
So put these on and don't be cute.
A van's en route from the institute.
He gets in it, no one dies today.

MOB: Sheriff, you idiot, why do you pity it?
Look at the blood on him- why don't you kill him!
What kinda man are you?
What are you gonna do?
We oughtta kill you too!
Why don't you kill him!

BAT BOY: Don't deny the obvious- such an ugly boy.
Everywhere you put me, look what I destroy!

MOB: Shoot him! Stop him! Jesus, Sheriff!
Shoot him! Kill him! Kill him! Do it!

BAT BOY: Not strung up by farmers or caged in by police.
If you're not a coward, give me peace.

MOB: Parker, you idiot, why do you pity it?
Look at the blood on him- God, you're both evil!
What kinda man are you?
What are you gonna do?
Parker, he wants you to!
Kill him or we will!

BAT BOY: Coward.

DR. PARKER: I'm sorry.

BAT BOY: You know...
One thing alone saved me from despair,
back in my feral stage.

SHELLEY: Edgar...

BAT BOY: Once in a while she would meet my stare.
Then I'd forget the cage.

MEREDITH: Edgar, don't!

BAT BOY: But surely her smile wasn't meant for me.

SHELLEY: Edgar no!

BAT BOY: Easier to dismiss. But, tonight she kissed me, here.

(General gasp)

BAT BOY: Tonight she gave me this. (He takes out Shelley's handkerchief)
I smell her perfume and her sweat...

DR. PARKER: Oh my God...


BAT BOY: Look what a gift she gave me-
DR. PARKER: Is it true?
BAT BOY: Almost enough to save me.
BAT BOY: And I imagine you're upset...
DR. PARKER: Oh my God!
BAT BOY: But I would kill for her again!

MOB: Stop him! Kill him!

BAT BOY: And do you know what she did then?
MOB: Stop!
BAT BOY: She offered me her vein.
MOB: No!
BAT BOY: She offered me her blood!
MOB: God!
BAT BOY: She offered me everything!

(Dr. Parker puts a knife to Bat Boy's throat. Meredith stops him.)

DR.PARKER: Meredith, I'm sorry. All of this is me.
MEREDITH: Thomas, please.

DR.PARKER: (overlapping) I can't bear to look at him.
You are all I see. His eyes, Meredith, he has your eyes.
It hurts too much to put behind me... the way I lost you.

MEREDITH: (overlapping) Thomas, don't.
Please, oh Thomas, don't deny the obvious, leave the past behind.
We can start again, love.
We have both been blind.

CROWD: Parker, damn you... Parker, you do it now...
MEREDITH: Thomas, I forgive you. I know, my love, I know.
DR.PARKER: And every day his eyes remind me.

CROWD: Now! Now! Now!

MEREDITH: Thomas, come here. Thomas, let him go!

DR.PARKER: Edgar! Are you hungry?

(Bat Boy, wounded, falls to Shelley's arms)

SHELLEY: Oh, Edgar! My dear, sweet boy...

BAT BOY: I am not a boy. I am an animal. (He dies)
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