Another Dead Cow lyrics - Bat Boy

Another Dead Cow lyrics

Another Dead Cow

MAGGIE: Bud, it?s time for you to wake up and smell the music,
we obviously have ourselves a predicament.

BUD: alright, I admit it
bossy?s thin as a fishing pole

NED: betsy?s flat as a flounder

ROY: little bonnie god rest her sole was barely one quarter pounder

BUD: I checked my bovine manual and I find no definition
BUD & NED: even this revised edition, does not mention malnutrition

ROY: Gussie died of a hacking cough
clara died in the feeding truck

ALL: why would the lord wanna carry them off, dang
we?ve got another dead cow
and the rent is overdue

BUD: we?re facing poverty

ALL but ROY: got another dead cow
and we?re up to twenty-two

ROY: better make that twenty-three

ALL: sweet jesus now I?m petrified

NED: They'regonna repossess my double-wide

ALL: got another dead cow and I?m thinking of blaming y-

MAGGIE: you aughta be watchin that kinda talk
lets not go there
lets guide this train of thought back toward the depot
we?ve gotta figure out whats wrong with these cows

ALL: somethings making 'em cough and weeze
slowly drivin them to their knees

BUD: it?s gotta be some contagious disease

ALL: a plague
we?ve got another dead cow
and we don?t know why they die

MAGGIE: we?ve got to find the link

ALL: got another dead cow
and appocolpyse draws nie

BUD: you went to college think

ALL: well somethings bound to raise a flag

LORRAINE: like that little bat boy they found in the bag

ALL: got another dead c
got another dea
got ano

got another dead cow
and I?m telling you now
I?m making a bow
by the sweat of my brow
gonna figger out who
and what and how and why

ROY: maybe he?s this rotten plague

ALL: why

BUD: think dr. parker will put it down

ALL: why

LORRAINE: dr parker is a good man

ALL: why

LORRAINE: he?ll just kill it

ALL: why
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