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A Home For You lyrics

A Home For You

Poor little person with eyes so sad, where in the dark did they hide you?
What have you seen that could teach you that haunted stare?
Poor little creature, it makes me mad,
to think of the childhood denied you,
but give me a chance and we'll make it all right, I swear.

'Cause we're not here to harm you or make you feel ashamed.
You can make mistakes here and you won't be blamed.
So show us how to help you, and if we pull you through,
then we will find a home for you.

Home is a word that you should have learned.
Home is where people accept you.
People who treat you with love, which is awfully rare.
Family's a place where your trust is earned by folks who are happy they kept you.
We'll find a family who won't let you down, I swear.
'Cause we're not here to harm you, or-

BAT BOY: Oo Oo Oo Oo Oooo

MEREDITH: Oo oo Oo oo Oo oo?

BAT BOY: Oo oo oo oo ooO.

BOTH: Oo Ooo OOO ooo Ooo ooOoo- Ooo oooO

No, we're not here to harm you and make you feel ashamed,
You can make mistakes here and you won't be blamed!
So teach us how to love you, and once the night is through,
then we have have a home for you.

So show me what to give you, see, look- I made a stew.
And somehow if you make it through, then this might be a home for you.

BAT BOY: Oo oo Oo Oo oo!
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