Bat Boy synopsis

Bat Boy synopsis

Bat Boy Synopsis - Broadway musical

Hope Falls – what a dissonant name for the town in West Virginia – is the place where the local guys, during their speleological incursion, stumble onto some bizarre cave creature – a strange Bat Boy, which is perceived as a monster and taken captive. As the population of the local town is inexperienced, at first, it locked at the sheriff’s, and then, for reasons of Christian morality or "Christian Charity", the temporary custody of the creature takes the wife of the local doctor.

Local inhabitants of the house very unhappy, to put it mildly, with the fact that such wondrous creature is in the house and in every way try to hurt it (threatened with a knife, scoff and try to hit it), ignoring the fact that he only defends himself and fears of surrounding ones even more than they are of him.

In the settlement, begins a sudden cattle’s die-off, and this phenomenon is associated by the townspeople with Bat Boy. Parker – doctor – returns home and wants to kill this poor creature, but his wife is opposed to this, in exchange promising the intimacy. And in a meanwhile a girl named Ruth is in the hospital, whom Bat Boy wounded while he was being pulled out of the cave. And her mother had promised herself to kill Bat Boy. Dr. Parker revealed himself as not humane person in the hospital when making lethal injection to Ruth, accusing Bat Boy in her death (obviously blood poisoning), as revenge. And the desire for revenge had arisen because none of the residents wanted Bat Boy went to church and the doctor gave his word, but his wife heeded pleases of Bat Boy and allowed him to go.

Citizens know "news" from the doctor about the girl's death and blame Bat Boy in all, who, as a protection, injures another person and the doctor quietly doing that lethal injection again. And when he dies, all rush after Bat Boy and pursue him in the woods. Citizens are really gone mad and want him to die, come what may.

Soon it becomes clear that the doctor's wife is the mother of Bat Boy. It happens so when doctor, being young, accidentally poured some experimental pheromone on his then-not a wife and raped her. When she ran away, she was attacked by a flock of bats, which did the same. As a result, she gave birth to several normal kids and one this. The doctor was not able to kill the monster and brought him to the cave where he was raised by mob of bats.

Bat Boy has ran to the cave, where he was found by the townspeople who killed him, but he manages to kill the doctor and his wife, and they fall down dead in a cave as the edification to the citizens.
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