Bat Boy review

Bat Boy review

Bat Boy Review - Broadway musical

Suffice bloodthirsty musical – it is the aggregation of our personal opinion about it after watching. We are greeted with such exotic experiments with the plot of the musical like incorporal fertilization of woman by the flock of bats, which were get on her because of the experimental material was shed on her in some kind of laboratory. We also met incest of sister and her brother-mutant, constant murders, a violation of medical ethics, blood thirst, holding humanoid creatures in a cage, as well as the outright hostility of the population towards the newcomer. But that's not all – the latter is some vampire-like creature that eats only raw blood (no matter whose one – from cattle, other animals or humans). Well, and now goes the control shot – this is a comedy. Not all, of course. Drama is there, but comedy often prevails. An ingenious blend of genres, vortex, in which we are immersed thanks to the excellent play on stage of everyone who creates such a nice image of the earth Nosferatu.

In the story, the inhabitants of some village with a heartbreaking name Hope Falls – failure of hopes – find a man-vampire in the local cave who feed with the blood. In the course of the story, we learn that one, though declaring his alleged friendliness, permanently kills someone. Cattle or people. And the doctor, who sheltered him, also killing a lot of people to blame the Bat guy in this. But we go further and it turns out that the doctor is his father, who conceived him in a seizure of frenzied uncontrolled passion under the influence of narcotic drug a long time ago, and the girl he raped, was subjected to the same torture, but by a flock of bats – that’s why such unhandsome baby was born. But his father was not enough of that, and he threw the newborn monster in the cave, so that he died there. But the boy was not a goose and lived through about 18 years with a flock of bats, who lived in the same cave and along the way, are his biological parents. Daddy wants to permanently kill his sonny, in the process he loses the rest of the children (and there were a minimum of two), and then killed by the same vampire who penetrated in his daughter and then a monster killed his mother. Are you enough? Forest deities in their diversity. Its just a worshiping of Anima!

It is just a nightmarish horror that will not come to mind of mentally healthy person, and even depicting such a character should be repugnantly disgusting. Nevertheless, it all is portrayed in such a way that it turns out a comedy, not a thriller-horror with wide rivers of blood so that the first row of viewers were covered with fountains of blood of this vampire’s life-giving substance. By the way, we have a sneaking impression that people are aware of the bats only that they are vampires – whereas this is terrible lie. Only a couple of species of them drink the blood. The others eat insects and fruits. Therefore, Bat kid would with a huge probability be grown on apples, grasshoppers and other things like that, but not on blood. Either the story must be shifted outside the US, in Africa, where the most part of bloodsuckers truly live.
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