Aida review

Aida review

Aida Review - Broadway musical

Once you recognize that in the staging of this musical, Disney company was engaged, it becomes clear why does it have that versatility and high interestingness, coupled with the professionalism that splashes out at the audience from the stage, with the participation of Elton John and Tim Rice. The first does not need any advertising representations. The second was directly involved in the creation of one of the most long-running musicals in the history of Broadway shows – The Lion King. That is still shown after many thousands of plays.

This musical, despite the significant backlog in the number of plays (1852), is included in the top-100 Broadway shows, which brought their creators and participants good profit and fame in the world of musicals. Only think of how diverse and versatile Disney company is, which goes literally in every corner of our lives, where the smell of entertainment is felt! They make movies, cartoons, soap operas, TV series, musicals, shows, they have a constant Disneyland, they bought the corporations Lucasfilms and Pixar, to make the most grossing films and exciting special effects in everything they do! Just like Google in the field of IT, they are the same in the field of entertainment. Comprehensive folks.
October 2000 was a month of the opening of this show, and at first, there was not a very wide scope on stage in terms of scenery – just a background that dims and brightens. Then, during the course of play, there were reconstruction of pyramids, elegant furnishings of palatial estates and deserts. Elton John recorded an album for the opening used in this musical, with a lot of celebrities, including Spice Girls, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz and Sting. Then a joke was such this – didn’t they have enough space for the mega-popular then Backstreet Boys?

Aida was inspired by the idea and a lot of that was included, from the opera of 1871, created by Giuseppe Verdi – probably the only his famous work, which is known to every second person in the world, among the civilized countries, who know the term "opera" or "musical".
Rather than start from the dark and powerful majestic charm of the opera, Elton and Tim have done homy and understood play, which tells us about one of the most famous love stories that last even through the centuries and through many incarnations (we will not argue, but we think that The Mummy movies have used the same idea, taken from the same place, the opera).

The musical almost doesn’t use verbal transitions between songs, so it is one of the most musical musicals where you will not hear a lengthy verbal constructions. You will almost certainly hear only the singing. If you would record this musical, and then played it at random point, with 99% certainty you would say that they would sing there.
Fans of all good – staging, costumes, acting and clear voices of actors – certainly would have liked this musical, because it is definitely qualitative from all sides. Although someone's dislike it because of a particular person who did this work, we should recognize the exceptional strength of the resulting final product and another reincarnation of excellent work about Aida into this bright thing, right from the boring opera.
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