Aida synopsis

Aida synopsis

Aida Synopsis - Broadway musical

With this play, we are transported to ancient Egypt, during the heyday of the pharaohs and the maximum power of the empire. Egyptian's army captain named Radames returns from the trip to the camp of the enemy of empire, Nubia, bringing several digits of slaves, among whom there are Aida, the daughter of the ruler of Nubia, conspired under ordinary girl. She wins the heart of Radames and therefore not sent to the copper mines, but becomes a servant of the future queen of Egypt.

Radames shall become the next pharaoh, because soon he’ll marry Princess Amneris, because old pharaoh is sick to death. One of the servants of Radames recognizes the princess in Aida, but she asks him to keep quiet to avoid being killed.

After the announcement of the wedding of the captain and the Princess during upcoming week, Radames feels that the habitual way of his life collapses and he sings with his princess along. When he repeatedly faces with Aida, he understands his passionate love to her she is also, turns out, loves him. Their happiness is interrupted by new information that Radames’ army captured her father, the Nubian king and Aida is now inconsolable. However, she tries to reassure those who knows that she is a princess.

Zoser, father of Radames, becomes familiar to his kid’s affair, and exhorts a son to cease this, because a hobby can cost the throne. But Radames remains indifferent, so Zoser decides to kill Aida. She, in turn, desperately thinks of betrayal of beloved, planning the escape of her father from the prison.

Overhearing a conversation between Radames & Aida, the future wife of him, Amneris, understands the marriage should not take place & reveals the mystery of the planned escape of Aida’s parent. Marriage is delayed, but Aida and her father are forced to flee. They are catched when they are using Radames’ boat to sail away. However, the father escapes, but Radames and Aida go to prison. They are accused of governmental treason and sentenced to death by being buried alive in the desert sands. Being put in one grave, they die together, giving each other the promise to find their reincarnations, even after hundreds of lives.
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