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Evil Dead Lyrics

After seeing this musical, we can say that it is based more on the second part of the movie, The book of Dead, where there is about the Necronomicon, which protagonist finds. But it turns out that all of parts of Evil Dead were the origin of it (well, mostly, three, as the fourth came out after it). The latter, incidentally, has 4 official parts, shoot from 1981 to 2013, united by a common hero Ash and has spin-offs that are not associated with the original part. The creation of 1 – 2 extensions/restarts is discussed, but so far, their quantity is as stated. In a word, the film of 2013 as its restarting.

In Canada, its show lasted until 2004, in particular, in the Tranzac Theatre, Toronto, and then it was renewed in 2007, after the Off-Broadway exhibition. The revival went for one and a half year, and in 2008, it was shown for more than 300 times only in Canada, not counting others, so in Toronto it became the longest in the history among all shows.

Off-Broadway was launched in 2006, and then, within the next six months, a musical went with 8 shows per week. Recording of music with it reached number 4 in the popular charts of Billboard.

In addition to professional shows, about 200 others have passed, including amateur ones, in different parts of the world, inclusive the United States, Tokyo & Seoul. It began in 2011 in Las Vegas, where, as of 2012, were continuing. It received there a status of the longest show in this city. It was made even 4D show, with elements of involving the audience in staging, with noise and light that highlights the musical among its kind. It was decided to do production in 4D five times a week, as long as it will not be visited by people. That is, with an open-ended termination date. Tour of the United States in 2014 – 2015 was quite successful and has been in 18 cities in more than 9 states. The main actors were: C. Sclavi, J. Kingsdale, D. Sajewich, R. Czerwonko, D. Zaino, R. McBride, C. Johnson, J. Baird & A. D. Rosa.
Release date: 2003
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

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