Evil Dead synopsis

Evil Dead synopsis

Evil Dead Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the successful Canadian film series (a total of 4 officially in the main filmed sequence) named Evil Dead, which tells of a fighter with evil spirits, in a variety of their manifestations. Most of all, as the basis served not a particular film from those four, but all their plots and characters were randomly mixed together to create a format that is the most suitable for the stage.

In the center of the plot is the coolest buck Ash, who takes the brunt of the fight against zombies and other evil spirits that flowed into a small house in the woods. Five adolescents, including, of course, beautiful girls in luxury tight clothes and tiny shorts, came for a couple of nights to stay in half-abandoned cabin in the woods. As a result of their crazy adventures they found the Necronomicon, the legendary Book of the Dead, which a lot of people from researchers and from home-grown hysterical count as opposition to the Bible, considering it one of the versions of Satanic Bible, able to call the dead from their Kingdom. Speculation or not, anyway, this is one of the very popular pillars of black magic and esoteric long time ago has stepped out from the pages, closed to the pass-by eyes, in the popular world, becoming the subject of trade.

Opening the book and randomly reading some lines from it, this company evoked in the world of the living a whole army of zombies, who strive to kill them all. As a result of a serious fight, when Ash loses his hand (he chainsawed it off by himself, as one possessed by the demons, acting against the whole body of Ash), he has mastered the same saw instead own stump and started to chop evil into pieces to the right and to the left, with the scene having rivers of fake blood pouring out. As you can guess, he survives in the end.
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