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Smash Lyrics

This story has been elaborated as the drama TV serial movie and created by T. Rebeck. The development process of project for NBC engaged R. Greenblatt. S. Spielberg was amongst the team of executives. Production was carried by Universal along with DreamWorks companies. Music for the staging was created by composers S. Wittman, M. Shaiman & C. Bacon. Lyrics composed by T. Rebeck. Scenarios for the first & second season written: T. Rebeck, D. M. Grant, J. Rottenberg, E. Zuritsky, J. Reingold, J. Grote, S. Burkhardt, J. Hairston, L. Sundaram, J. Safran, B. Goluboff & others. Productions of the series performed directors: M. Mayer, M. Morris, J. Babbit, D. Attias, M. Leder, P. Barclay, P. McGuigan, A. Bernstein, T. Brock, R. Dawson, R. D. McNeill, C. Zisk, L. Shaw & others. In choreography were engaged S. Johnson & M. D. Mullen. The cast was: M. Hilty, A. Huston, C. Borle, L. Odom Jr., K. McPhee, J. Jordan, J. Davenport, K. Rodriguez & D. Messing among others.

The first series was shown on NBC TV channel in February 2012. It was watched by 11.44 million Americans. In average, for season 1 followed about 6 million people every part. The final 15th series was shown in May 2012. Continuation, which began in February 2013, led to less interest from viewers. The first series of the season 2 watched almost 4.5 million viewers. Later, the audience fell to 2.5 million people. At the end of May 2013, was shown the final 17th series of the 2nd seasons. Altogether TV-project consisted of 32 episodes. In June 2015, in Minskoff Theatre has been shown a play based on ‘Bombshell’. The director & choreographer of the show was J. Bergasse. In the histrionics were involved several actors from the original project. The television series has received nominations & awards in a number of prizes.
Release date: 2012
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

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