Smash synopsis

Smash synopsis

Smash Synopsis - Broadway musical

Writer J. Houston & composer T. Levitt decided to create a musical titled ‘Bombshell’ that should depict the story of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Eileen, a producer has agreed to engage in the play, in spite of separation with her spouse. She called for the creation of production talented director Derek. Experienced Broadway actress Ivy was supposed to personify Marilyn, but after the emergence of young Karen, authors of the musical began to doubt in their initial choice. As a result, both singers were contenders for the lead role. Character of Joe had to play Michael – former lover of Mrs. Houston. But after the writer had problems with her spouse, and so the man was changed at another performer.

Surprisingly, the leading role has been given to movie star R. Duvall. This news struck Ivy. After several unsuccessful openings in Boston, the leading actress was seriously ill from an allergy to peanuts & the impersonator who played Joe, went into more promising show. Director appointed the title role to Karen & Michael was returned to the histrionics. Soon, a young actress has learned that Ivy had intimacy with her fiancé. At the same time producer Eileen found that Mrs. Duvall suffered because of Ellis actions. When the assistant told her that he deliberately added peanuts, an actress fired him. Karen’s debut in the role of Marilyn came out the best – the audience very favorably accepted girl’s acting. The new theatrical was highly appreciated by both the audience & the critics.

After the closure of the theatrical, producers have decided to move it to Broadway. But production could be closed due to legal issues & problems with new scenarios. While the whole production was in the middle of alteration process, all involved people were trying to find a new job. Karen met new writer & composer – they wanted to create a new show and so she has decided to join them. Derek Wills began working with the new star Veronica, who soon met & became friends with Karen. Ivy got the lead role in another musical. To finalize ‘Bombshell’ has been invited playwright Peter, who had frictions with Mrs. Houston. Producer Eileen was forced to cede her position to her ex-husband Jerry, as the feds had questions – from where she received money to start a production.

Karen decided to finish work with ‘Bombshell’, to immerse fully in Kyle & Jimmy’s musical, where she was offered the lead role. Then Marilyn was played for a long time by Ivy. When began rehearsals of staging ‘Hit List’, romantic feelings began between Karen & Jimmy. Director Derek was not happy with their relationship, since he also had a secret attraction to the girl. Both shows have been nominated for the Tony Award. Despite the fact that the ‘Bombshell’ received one nomination less than ‘Hit List’, it won in the categories of Best Musical, Best Actress in a Leading Role & Best Original Score.
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