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Old Boy Neutral lyrics

Old Boy Neutral

[Rivers/Elsie Lilly]
Choosing girlies is somewhat amusing.
Somewhat confusing,
Some choose light ones, and think they're the right ones
"Stay home at night" ones
Some choose dark ones.
Those "spoon in the park" ones.
"Out for a lark" ones.
Blonde or brunette they all look alike to me
For you/I maintain a strict neutrality.

I love 'em all.
You love 'em all?
I love 'em all.
You love 'em all?
The short and tall, the large an small.
It always makes me feel so gay and young.
To be among-the girls-
I love to dine with Maud or Mabel,
Where we cannot be seen.
With forty courses on the table
And lots of kissing in between.

I love 'em all.
You love 'em all.
I love 'em all.
You love 'em all.
And when upon each girl I call
They cry, "Oh joy, it's old boy neutral!"
That's me, I love 'em all.

I know your first and last name, but what is you middle name?

[Elsie Lilly]

Why, that's my mother's name.

Elside Lilly/Rivers
When girl choosing, I can't understand why.
You can't understand why?
Some choose neat ones
We all love the sweet ones
Cute and petite ones
Some choose fat ones
Those "I own a flat" ones
"Take off your hat" ones
Young or ancient they all get a smile from me.
For you're/I'm as neutral as a man can be.

I love 'em all.
You love 'em all.
You love 'em all.
The short and tall, the large and small,
I love to feed the darling little pets on cigarettes-and tea
A rustling skirt just plays the dickens with sentimental me.
And if the skirt should be a "chicken's"
I'm on the job immediately.

I love 'em all.
You love 'em all?
I love 'em all.
You love 'em all.
A dozen times each day I fall.
If any man was ever neutral
That's me.
You/I love them all.
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