Very Good Eddie cast

Very Good Eddie Cast - Broadway musical

Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Schuyler Green and Herbert Reynolds
Book by Philip Bartholomae and Guy Bolton

Eddie Kettle
Georgina Kettle
Percy Darling
Elsie Darling
Monsieur de Rougemont
Dick Rivers
Madame Matroppo
Elsie Lilly
Al Cleveland
Victoria Lake
Chrystal Poole
Lily Pond
Belle Fontaine
Flo Tide
Virginia Spring
Miss Always Innit
Miss Carrie Closewell
Miss Funnie Rekkod
Miss Munnie Duzzyt
Miss Gay Ann Giddy
Miss E. Z. Morrels
Mr. Tayleurs Dummie
Mr. Fullern A. Goat
Mr. Dyer Thurst
Mr Rollo Munn
Mr. Watt Pumkyns
Mr. Dustir Stacks
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