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Very Good Eddie Lyrics

The musical debuted on December 1915. The script was written by G. Bolton, music – J. Kern, libretto composed S. Green & H. Reynolds. The actors were: B. F. Wright, J. Lounsbery, L. Fullerton, O. Shaw, A. Lewis, A. Orr, E. Truex, H. Raymond, J. Willard & A. Dovey. It finished on October 1916 after 341 performances. It was a successful show, so it started again in 1918 in the London’s Palace Theatre.

The revival of the musical in the newer history took place in 1975. It was released with great success on the stage of the Goodspeed Opera House. This prompted its producers to put it on Broadway. After three previews, in December 1975, it started on Broadway. Total number of productions was 304. Director was B. Gile, choreographer D. Siretta. The following actors were involved: C. Repole, V. Seidel, J. Harder & T. Hudson. In 1976, producers started a tour across the country.

In 1976, the play was showed 411 times in Piccadilly Theatre in London’s West End. The performance received good reviews on both sides of the ocean and has been commercially successful in the original production, as well as after its reconsideration.
Release date: 1975
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