Nodding Roses lyrics - Very Good Eddie

Nodding Roses lyrics

Nodding Roses

[Dick Rivers]
Elsie, is that my rose?

[Elsie Lilly]
This rose was from you?

Oh, why, yes.

I should have known it.

Well, does it mean what I think?

[Elsie Lilly/Rivers]
Though my answer you entreat
My lips seem helpless to repeat
The words my heart would say.
Words are all such empty things
When love comes to your heart and brings
Its cloudless summer day.
How then shall I answer?
What would you propose?
Tell me in the language of the rose.

Roses nodding to and fro answer "Yes and no."
To vex, perhaps perplex the hearts of breezes
That played soft and low.
If you really love me dear
Nod and tell me so.
My lips say "yes" although my head is nodding, nodding "no."

What a little girl should say
To clear her sweetheart's doubt away
Is not so hard to guess.
Now you're talking common sense
And life for me would just commence
Were you to answer, "Yes."
But of all the methods which do you propose?
Why not take a lesson from the roase?

Roses nodding seem to say answer me today
Make haste, make haste, no time to waste
Or love will be speeding away.
Blushing red, just nod your head
Little girl, confess.
I'll answer you like roses do
By nodding, nodding, "Yes."
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