Very Good Eddie review

Very Good Eddie Review - Broadway musical

This histrionics shows us how ‘Broadway’ style of musical theater was formed. This was one of the first successful works of luminaries and pioneers of modern musicals, writer Guy Bolton and composer Jerome Kern. In fact, it was vaudeville, adapted to the American audience.

The comedy-farce, which tells about the adventures of young couples on a pleasure boat and in a hotel. Funny situations and simple plot do not make the viewer be particularly tensed. The story of the little man – a popular theme in the beginning of the century for the American entertainment industry. A man who lives in a huge, fast-growing industrial society. In a society where the individualism is lost completely. A prime example is Charlie Chaplin with his Little Tramp. In this theatrical, a little man (Eddie) can be a support and defense and can adopt own decisions (which he couldn’t do earlier, before being put in non-habitual conditions), and in the end people may shout to him ‘very good, mister!’. Heroes constantly fall into uncomfortable situations, which often create at their own.

Looking through the play, you like return to the beginning of the twentieth century, although the play was adapted in 1975. It was created for small, existing at that time Broadway stages with a very limited budget. Therefore, the story and the scenery create a certain comfort – everything looks simple enough, without unnecessary pomposity. Here you will not see the colorful costumes, no complex technical solutions in the scenery. Everything is holds on the music and the actors' performance. Although there is no precise data about the commercial success of the play, we realize the popularity of the musical and low production expenses – it all contributed a lot to its financial success.

This is a good option for family viewing, easy and fun play. Conflict situations arising in the course of the action resolved easily and without strain. The theatrical has no negative characters, and even alcohol-abuse receptionist at the hotel is also not an evil, but funny fellow.

The play was nominated for the Drama Desk in 1976 as outstanding revival. Outstanding actress in a musical – V. Seidel; outstanding actor – J. Harder; outstanding featured actress – T. Hudson.

Nominations at Tony in 1976: the best performance of the title role – S. Repole; the best performance of the musical actress – V. Seidel; Best director – B. Gile. Theatre World Award in 1976 – 2 pieces. Nomination for the London production in 1976: 1 Laurence Olivier.
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