Vivez lyrics - Scarlet Pimpernel, The

Vivez lyrics


Mes amis, je suis enchantee
Simply to move through the sunlight
Open your arms to this warm, bright
Moment embracing us
You have one life, let it be gay
Shouldn't one do as one's told to?
No, let the moment enfold you
Grab up your one golden chance
Darlings, life is such romance
Give this world a sweeping glance
Let it set your soul a-dancing night and day
Live, here's to life, let us be gay
Let go of each inhibition
No one need give you permission
What are you waiting for?
Vivez! Live!
No one lets loose every which way
Life is too short to be guarded
I think I'm quite open-hearted
Loosen that heart if you dare
Come and lay your passions bare
But, my dear, if people stare...
Then it's time to let your hair come tumbling down
What of propriety?
There are rules we obey in society
You prefer to live calmly and quietly
But your heart wants to play
These tender hearts of ours
May be endlessly naive
But we grow strong if we believe
This fragile world of ours
Spins us off into the storm
Hold on to me and I'll be warm
Winnifred, what to do?
Well, Davina, we simply must muddle through
If there's no one to shudder and sputter to
Then we might as well live
Oh, vivez!
You have one life, let it be gay
Don't put it off till you're dying
Now is the time to be flying
Grab up your one golden chance
Darlings, life is such romance
Life is tossing you a new bouquet
Meet your heart half-way
And your heart will say vivez!
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