The Riddle lyrics - Scarlet Pimpernel, The

The Riddle lyrics

The Riddle

See the moon slink down in the sky, darling
Let your fantasies fly, darling
Life is cold, and the game is old
Just see how virtue repays you
You turn and someone betrays you
Betray him first
And the game's reversed!
For we all are caught in the middle
Of one long treacherous riddle
Can I trust you? Should you trust me too?
We shamble on through this hell
Taking on more secrets to sell
Till there comes a day when we sell our souls away!
Through the mist your lover is beckoning
Comes that moment of reckoning
Faces change, even smiles grow strange
And we all have so many faces
The real self often erases
Enticing lies flicker through our eyes
Feel the terror draw ever nearer
The more you stare in the mirror
But hold your own
Face the wind alone
Reel on, love! Toughen your scars
Year by year we're falling like stars
Till there comes a day when we well our souls away!
Can I run to you? Are you true to me?
I'll do unto you as you do to me!
And we slowly learn someone has to burn
Better you than me!
Oh, every Judas once loved a Jesus
But finally treason will seize us
And only fools follow golden rules
We all are caught in the middle
Of one long treacherous riddle
Of who trusts who, maybe I'll trust you
But can you trust me?
Wait and see!
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