Voice Mail 3 lyrics - Rent

Voice Mail 3 lyrics

Voice Mail 3

(Lights up on MRS. COHEN, who's standing on a chair and holding up a phone.)

Mark, it's the wicked witch of the west your mother
Happy new year from Scarsdale
We're all impressed that the riot footage
Made the nightly news
Even your father says Mazeltov
Honey -- call him
Love, Mom

(MRS. COHEN, stepping off the chair, passes the phone to ALEXI DARLING.)

ALEXI DARLING (on the chair)
Mark Cohen
Alexi Darling from Buzzline

Oh, that show's so sleazy.

Your footage on the riots: A-one
Feature segment -- network -- dealtime
I'm sending you a contract
Ker-ching ker-ching
Marky give us a call 970-4301
Or at home try 863-6754
Or -- my cell phone at 919-763-0090
Or -- you can e-mail me
At Darling Alexi Newscom dot net
Or -- you can page me at --
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