Rent synopsis

Rent synopsis

Rent Synopsis - Broadway musical

The young director Mark lived with his neighbor Roger in the attic. He filmed the surrounding reality, deciding to make the documentary motion picture at this basis. Infected with AIDS composer was trying to write his best song. Soon, in the attic there was a call from their old friend Collins. Their conversation was interrupted in the middle. The next called the owner of the attic Benny. He demanded rent from tenants, although there was no request for that upon arrival. Soon, Mark received a message from former girlfriend Maureen. She asked him to help to support her protest against the demolition of the tent camp in a sandlot. Mark agreed to join.

Roger met his neighbor Mimi, who tried to start a romantic relationship with him. Musician refused to do it, since she was a drug addict. Soon, to the young people came Collins with his savior – robbed man was found in the street by transgender Angel. He not only bound up his wounds, but also bought some new clothes for him. Upon learning that they are united by AIDS, men decided to start dating. Soon Benny came at the attic. The man said that if young people would be able to stop Maureen’s activities, he would not require a rent from them. Mark decided not to let the girl down. Soon, the director went to a meeting on the AIDS topic, to shoot it on camera for his film.

During the protests, Mark met a lesbian Joanne, in the sake of whom Maureen left him. They found a common tongue when discussing friend’s disadvantages. Roger saw Mimi there. Apologizing for his behavior, the musician invited her to dine. Benny tried to pretend that the community of free artists does not exist, but the performance of the man was interrupted by Mark and his friends. They proved the reality of Bohemia and its inhabitants. Seeing his former girlfriend, Benny enraged. But she said that she is no longer afraid of his threats – she was contaminated with AIDS. After that, Roger has agreed to start meeting with Mimi.

The inhabitants of Bohemia began riot when Benny locked the building up. Collins and Angel brought gas-burner to get inside. The owner offered to young people the keys to the attic, but they refused – his behavior was way too suspicious. Angered, Benny said that Mimi slept with him for the sake of this aid. A girl denied everything, but Roger did not believe her. Frustrated, she left for the drugs. The relationship between Mimi and Roger became strained. The same happened with Joanne and Maureen. Only Collins and Angel were happy together, but soon they were separated by the death of a transgender person.

After the funeral, Roger went to Santa Fé. He has written there his best song. The musician went back in New York. Mark has completed his documentary film. No one knew where Mimi lived at the moment. Soon homeless girl was brought by Joanne and Maureen – she was seriously ill. Already dying, Mimi heard the song of Roger. Suddenly, the girl woke up and told that on the way to the white light, she met Angel, who asked her to come back. Love was stronger than death.
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