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Happy New Year B lyrics

Happy New Year B

Maureen: I think we need an agent!
Mark: We?
Joanne: Thats selling out.
Mark: But it's nice to dream!
Joanne: We may have our disputes
Maureen: Yeah! It's network TV
And it's all thanks to me!
Mark: Somehow i think i smell a whif of a scheme!
Joanne: Me too.
Maureen: We can plan another protest.
Joanne: We?
Maureen: This time you can shoot from the start
You'll direct, starring me!
Mark, Maureen, Joanne: 5, 4, 3
Open sesame! Happy new year!
Happy new year!
Happy new...
Benny: I see that you've beaten me
to the punch.
Mark: How did you know i'd be here?
Benny: I had a hunch.
Mark: You're not mad?
Benny: I'm here to end this war,
It's a shame you went and destroyed the door.
Mimi: Why all of a sudden the big about face?
Benny: The credit is yours,
you made a good case.
Roger: What case?
Benny: Mimi came to see me
and she had much to say.
Mimi: That's not how you put it
at all yesterday!
Benny: I couldn't stop thinking
about the whole mess!
Mark you'll want to get this on film.
Mark: I guess.
Benny: I regret the unlucky circumstances
of the last seven days.
Roger: Circumstance?
You padlocked our door!
Benny: and it's a great pleasure on behalf of cyber arts
that i present you this key.
Angel: Golf claps.
Mark: I have no juice in my battery.
Benny: Reshoot!
Roger: Oh I see this is a photo opportunity.
Maureen: The benevolent god
ushers the poor artists back to their flat.
were you planning on taking
down the barbed wire from the lot too?
Mark: Anything but that.
Benny: Clearing the lot
was a safety concern.
we break groudn this month.
But you can return.
Maureen: That's why you're here
with people you hate
Instead of with Muffy
and Muffy's estate.
Benny: I honestly rather'd be with you tonight than in West Port.
Roger: Spare us old sport, the sound bite.
Benny: Mimi, since you were so seductive
Mimi: You came onto me!
Benny: Persuade him not to be so counterproductive.
Roger: Liar!
Benny: Why not tell them what you wore to my place?
Mimi: I was on my way to work.
Benny: Black leather and lace
My desk was a mess,
I think i'm still sore
Mimi: Cause i kicked him and told him i wasn't his whore
Benny: does your boyfriend know who your last boyfriend was?
Roger: I'm not her boyfriend, i don't care what she does!
Angel: People, is this any way to start a new year, have compassion.
benny just lost his cat.
Benny: My dog, but i appreciate that.
Angel: My cat had a fall, and i went through hell
Benny: It's like losing... How did you know that she fell?
Collins: Champagne?
Benny: Don't mind if i do. To dogs...
All but Benny: No, Benny, to you!
Angel: Let's make a resolution.
Mimi: I'll drink to that.
Collins: Let's always stay friends.
Joanne: Though we may have our disputes
Maureen: This family tree's got deep roots.
Mark: Friendship is deeper than blood
Roger: That depends
Mimi: Depends on trust
Roger: Depends on true devotion
Joanne: Depends on love
Mark: Depends on not denying emotion!
Roger: Perhaps
All: It's gonna be a happy new year!
Roger: I guess
All: It's gonna be a happy new year!
Roger: You're right
Angel: It's gonna be a happy new year!
Roger and Mimi: I'm sorry
Roger: Coming
Mimi: In a minute. I'm fine. Go
Man: Well, well, well. What have we here?
It's gonna be a happy new year. There, there...
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