Beautiful lyrics - Love Never Dies

Beautiful lyrics


Gustave: Who are you?
Where are you taking me?

Fleck: I am Miss Fleck.

Squelch: The Mighty Squelch.

Gangle: Dr. Gangle.

Trio: At your service.

Fleck: And his.

Gangle: Come along and follow us.

Fleck: Come and follow faster.

Squelch: Come along and follow us.

Trio: Come and meet the master.
Hurry up
And follow us
Hurry if you care to
Soon the dark
Will swallow us
Follow if you dare to

Gustave: Is this is where Mr. Y lives?

Gangle: This is where he works.

Fleck: Step lively child.

Squelch: He is waiting.

Gustave: What is this place?

Phantom: This is my realm
Illusion's domain
Where music and beauty
And art have faced rain
Go, look around while I finish my work.

Gustave: May I?

Phantom: What's this?

Gustave: Just a song
In my head

Phantom: Go on.

Gustave: I think it's beautiful.
Beautiful, beautiful notes.
Beautiful, beautiful sounds.
Don't you agree?
It's beautiful

Phantom: This boy.

Gustave: So very beautiful.

Phantom: This music.

Gustave: Music that calms and controls.

Phantom: He plays like me.

Gustave: Haunting, and lovely, and bold

Phantom: He just ten years old.
Ten years old.
My God
My God
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