What A Dreadful Town lyrics - Love Never Dies

What A Dreadful Town lyrics

What A Dreadful Town

What a dreadful town
What a vulgar place
What an awful mistake to have come here.
To be on display, in that shameless way
to the crew common lower class scum here.
How do the dare to treat us so?!

Father, dear, come play with me!
Come and see what toy I've got!

What a snub at most,
From our so called host.
Did he think sending freaks would be funny?
Could the fool have thought,
That our pride was bought by his filthy American money?
What a farce! What an outright slap in the face!
It's an utter disgrace!
I've got a mind to pack and go. Never you mind the debts we owe.
Who would've thought we'd sunk this low.

Father, please, come play with me.

Please tell the boy the answer's no!

Christine plays the piano.

Must you make that racket!

It's the Arie I'm to sing tomorrow.

It hurts my head.

Please let's not fight, dear.
I'm sure that no-one intended a slight, dear.

Don't you patronise me, it's your fault we came here.

We need the money.
That's all, that's why things haven't been right, dear.

Why doesn't it surprise me that i get the blame here.

Let's leave tonight, dear.
if that would serve to ease your troubled mind.
Leave the hurt behind.

Father, dear, come over here
And look at what they gave to me.
Wind it up, and father see,
look it plays a melody.

I need some air.

Christine: Raoul, please...

Please what?

Christine: Nothing. Nothing.
Only. Raoul don't drink any more.

Father never plays with me.
Doesn't he love me? Last Update: November, 28th 2014

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