Love Never Dies synopsis

Love Never Dies synopsis

Love Never Dies Synopsis - Broadway musical

Ten years have passed after Miss Dae made a choice in favor of Raul. Phantom of the Opera with the help of Madame Giry and her daughter Meg moved to the United States. Thanks to his talents and the support of old friends, he was able in a short time to become a wealthy man, owning entertainment center "Phantasm". Meg was the leading actress of the show. Despite its successes, the Phantom was not happy – his heart belonged to Christina. Meg was trying to win the love of a man, but he was only thinking about the past. Suddenly Madame Giry learned that Christina along with the family moved to New York – she will be performing at the opening of the new opera house in Manhattan. The woman began to worry for her daughter. When he learned that the favorite is nearby, Phantom sent Christina an invitation to perform in his show. Soon a young woman with her husband and son were taken to Rhode Island. Raul has changed a lot over the years – he almost spent all his fortune. Also, the viscount had little contact with his son. Unhappy with this trip, he went to the bar.

At night, old friend appeared on the balcony of the singer. Man frightened a woman, and she lost consciousness. Recovering, Christina had a long chat with Phantom about their past love and a passionate night they spent together. Suddenly, Gustav ran to his mother – he has been scared by the nightmare. A man saw a boy of ten years old for the first time. The woman calmed down and took son to his bedroom. The Phantom said that Christina should sing a song written especially for her – otherwise he will take away Gustav. Meg was shocked to learn about the performance of Christina in the show. Raul met Madame Giry and found that they did not come to the person who invited them to Manhattan – now the family was visiting a friend of his wife in Paris. Assistants of Phantom led him Gustav. At the request of the owner, boy sang and played the piano. Male compared age of Gustav with that night when Christina gave herself to him. He was full of doubts who the real father of the child is. He took off his mask in the hope that the boy will not be afraid of a disfigured face, but Gustav recoiled from the man with shouting. He calmed by Christina who came in. She asked Meg to take the boy to his father.

Soon, the woman confirmed that Gustav is the son of a Phantom. He asked never to talk about this to a child. Christina made a promise, saying also that she will sing. When the woman left, Phantom decided – all of his money will go to his son. Drunk Raul was in the bar. He wondered whether Cristina loves him. Approached Meg tried to persuade the man to return home with his family. Raul said he was not afraid of Phantom. When the woman left, it turned out that the owner of "Phantasm" heard everything. Phantom offered betting to Raul – if Christina will perform his song, the husband would go home alone. But if she refuses to do – viscount’s debts will be paid off, and he will return to France with his family. The Phantom gave birth to doubts in the heart of Raul that the boy may be not his son. Before the performance of Christina, her husband came to her. He asked her not to sing for the Phantom. The woman promised to think about it. Soon the host of the show came. He said that Raul is not worthy of the love of his wife. Christina was in doubt – to sing or not. She sent Gustav to the father behind the scenes.

The woman went on stage at the last moment. At the end of her singing, Raul left the room. Christina caused delight of the public, and she realized that she still loves Phantom. Behind the scenes, the singer found a letter from her husband. Suddenly she realized – Gustav isn’t with her. Phantom found out that he was seen together with Meg – she took the child to the pier. The mother and father went there at the last moment – the woman was going to drown the boy. Letting go Gustav, Meg pulled out a gun. She said that sacrificed everything for the Phantom – even her honor. When the man tried to take a weapon away, a fatal shot rang. The bullet mortally wounded Christina. Dying at the hands of her beloved, the woman told her son that Phantom is his real father. Then Raul led Gustav to the place of his mother's death. Phantom again took off his mask before her son, and this time the boy was not afraid of his face.
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