You Could Never Shame Me lyrics - Kiss Of The Spider Woman

You Could Never Shame Me lyrics

You Could Never Shame Me

Am I dying mama?

Hooo! Listen to him! A good son doesn't die before his mother.
You are going to see me off, thank you very much, and I am going
to be waiting for you with a good warm shawl.

I'm so sick, Mama!

A good son sees his poor old mother through her old age; he doesn't
leave her for a tummy ache!

You're not old...You're still beautiful.

I bet you say that to all the girls!

There are no girls, Mama... I have brought you such shame!

No Luis, only if you did something cruel, or uncaring...
You could never shame me
There, I've told you so
Many things confuse me
But this I know
Let the neighbors gossip
At the mention of your name
You have never brought me shame
I know some mamas have roughnecks
Who never bring them joy
Thank God, you're not that kind of boy!
I know that you're different
I don't really care
I would never change a hair
You like this Valentin, don't you?

To him, I'm a silly window dresser.
That's all I am to everyone but you!

Hoo! What nonsense!
Some other mamas have children
Whose secrets hurt them so
But you have no secrets, I already know could never shame me
Let me say out loud
I've a son, a loving son,
Who makes me proud...
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