Kiss Of The Spider Woman synopsis

Kiss Of The Spider Woman Synopsis - Broadway musical

The homosexual Luis Molina is imprisoned for improper abuse of minor. This prison was always famous for its high security. Prisoners were cruelly tortured to tell some information. That’s why Molina has thought up the imaginary world to run away from fear and the mockeries happening there. At this invented world, there is always a lady. She is a spider woman, who can kill him, having kissed.

The new person comes to the chamber. This is Valentin Paz, who was put here for participation in the left movement. Molina tries to take care of the person, who has already undergone cruel tortures. But Valentin doesn't want to listen to him. However, Molina continues to tell him about his world and spider woman. The man doesn't maintain and tells him about his life and feelings to the girl. Valentin is sent for tortures. Molina supports him again. In his invented world spider is in love with him. The director of prison says to Moline that his mother is ill. He agrees to let him out on meetings with her if he tells a name of the girl, who is loved by Valentin. Molina tells Valentin that he loves one guy who doesn't reciprocate to him. They approach. Molina is ill after the poisoned food. In hospital, he sees mother. He worries for Valentin. Valentin asks Molina to tell about is imaginations in more detail. Now they live in the invented world together.

Moline is allowed to speak with mother by phone. Valentin asks him to call the girl. The man agrees. Security guards notice that he called someone except mother. The chief threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell to whom he called. Molina says that he loves Valentin. The chief kills him.

The final scene shows to the viewer Molina on Heaven. He looks at all events on the earth and says that his movie ended. The spider woman comes with the deadly kiss. The curtain falls.
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