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Only In The Movies lyrics

Only In The Movies

Optimistic endings
Passionate romances
Beautifully beefy heroes
Taking death defying chances
You're certain to meet
Only in the movies
Decorous Madonnas
Totally compliant
Challenging the villain bravely
Both high busted and defiant
Only in the movies
But marble floors to glide on
And loop the loops to ride on
And sultry girls beginning some beguine
I found, as I grew older
And life became much colder
Were, to my sorrow,
Nowhere to be seen
And so, I sprayed a little perfume
Dabbed a little powder
And Suddenly the muted strings
Began to play a little louder
And though I knew the difference
I Kept on pretending
I was in the movies
But everything changed when I met you
You've changed my life somehow
Everything changed when I met you
I find I walk In Technicolor now
And as this princess lay dying
She raised her lovely head
And as her lover knelt beside her
This is what she said
Looking into those steely blue eyes of his
She cried
"Viva la guerra!"
"Viva la revolucion!"
"Viva whatever it is!"

His name was Molina.

His name was Molina
His name was Molina
His name was Molina
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